roundman (roundman) wrote,

BattleStar Galactica

My God, BattleStar Galactica rocks. So. Much. Yet again last night we were treated to a superb mixture of plot, special effects and about a cubic mile of coolness. A while back one episode was soo good I just assumed it was the end of season finalé and started moping around it having finished. Turned out it was just the middle of the season! Actually I think in the states they took a long break between the halves so it was sort of meant to be a mini-finalé but still. There just aren't any crap episodes. Every other series I've ever watched, perhaps with the exception of 24 and the first couple of seasons of Angel, have always had crap 'stock' episodes that just seem there to fill the space between the season finalé's. Neil and I used to have a rating system for the Voyager Episodes:

- 'beef stock' - quite good
- 'chicken stock' - ok
- 'fish stock' - when they started doing episodes based around ye olde Irish villages on the Holodeck.

BSG just doesn't need them! Long may it continue. I hear they are lining up a prequel series 'Caprica'. I can only keep my fingers crossed.

Watched the first episode of the new season of Lost last night and looked quite promising. Got the second hour on tape (Miranda was tired) so got that to look forward to tonight, yay!
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